Dante’s Inferno

I’m about two-third’s of the way through “Dante’s Inferno” (Divine Edition, PS3, $19.99) and find the game to be very engaging. The premise is that you are Dante, a soldier from the Crusades who defeats Death and then battles his way down through the nine circles of Hell to redeem his wife. The game is filled with quotes and scenes from the first part of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem “Divine Comedy“, “Inferno“. Read more of this post


I love the SSX snowboarding series of games, and have purchased every one made. Unfortunately, there have been no new ones published since before the PS3 went on sale 4-5 years ago. For someone Chris’ age, they have a very simple control scheme – you basically move the control stick to steer the player character down the hill. Even this limited amount of game-play is great, as the controls, visuals, and sense of speed are very enjoyable. Read more of this post

Playstation 2

I figured I would get my 4 year-old son, Chris, started on some PS2 games for a number of reasons. The console had been sitting in a box for years, as my current Playstation gaming is on the PS3. The machine is hooked up to a standard television, so there is no conflict with the HD consoles for which output device to use, and the PS2 serves as a DVD player for that TV. The controller is basically the same as the PS3’s, Read more of this post