I love the SSX snowboarding series of games, and have purchased every one made. Unfortunately, there have been no new ones published since before the PS3 went on sale 4-5 years ago. For someone Chris’ age, they have a very simple control scheme – you basically move the control stick to steer the player character down the hill. Even this limited amount of game-play is great, as the controls, visuals, and sense of speed are very enjoyable. To fully play the game, you’ll will want to know how to jump, perform tricks, and enter events – building up your cash and skills as you go. Chris can gradually learn how to do these other activities, with no pressure to get it all right from the start. So there is enough there to keep young children entertained, as well as older ones and adults.

The game is rated “E” for everyone, with “Comic Mischief and Mild Violence”. This takes the form of the player and the AI having the option to shove or hit each other when they happen to be next to each other during a race. In practice, this doesn’t happen much, as it is more trouble than it is worth. The language is clean, and the characters fully clothed. Since the game is about extreme snowboarding, the jumps and stunts are pretty over-the-top – things you would not want to do in real life.

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