Crash Bandicoot: The Death of Cortex

We moved about a year ago. One of the results of this is that some of the PS2 cables got lost in a box, somewhere. Chris was pretty bummed about not being able to play his games, but the novelty of the new house and town dulled his loss. Never-the-less, every couple of months he would ask me about setting the console back up for him – even after he got an Xbox 360 and access to some new games! A few weeks ago Read more of this post

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

A few months ago, I decided to dig into my PS2 collection for a good game for Chris to move on to. He’d already played “SSX” and “Smuggler’s Run” to death, both of which had pretty simple control schemes (he could have a fun experience using just the joysticks, and was starting to pick up some of the more advanced moves, such as the tricks in “SSX”). Since he is 4 1/2, Read more of this post

Playstation 2

I figured I would get my 4 year-old son, Chris, started on some PS2 games for a number of reasons. The console had been sitting in a box for years, as my current Playstation gaming is on the PS3. The machine is hooked up to a standard television, so there is no conflict with the HD consoles for which output device to use, and the PS2 serves as a DVD player for that TV. The controller is basically the same as the PS3’s, Read more of this post