Game Library

Based on the number of posts I’ve written since I started this blog, one might wonder what kind of gaming experience I have. Quite a lot, it turns out – so much, in fact, that I barely have time to write about the games I’m playing! A quick snapshot of my library includes:

Platform Number Owned Disk-Based Titles Downloaded Titles Awards
PC ~15 (Desktops & Laptops) Hundreds 77 (Steam) 695 XP (Steam)
PS3 2 (Fat & Slim + PS Eye) 110 56 (PSN) 1360 Trophies
Xbox 360 2 (Fat & Slim + Kinect) 79 27 (Live) 15385 Gamerscore
PS2 1 (Slim, broken) 24
Nintendo 2 (DSI & 3DS) 15
Apple 2 (iPad & iPhone) 30 – 40

I plan to write to this blog more frequently, and will list my complete games library at some point, once I find or put together a database for it.

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